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The term dissertation often gives students the chills. Even though this is their final research project, a dissertation remains the most complex, time-consuming task in the educational system.

This paper can present a problem to students of all academic levels, starting from undergraduate to Ph.D. However, the basics of the writing process are always the same – engage in an independent research project and write up your findings in the best scholarly way.

Seeing that this is a big burden to carry, students often request dissertation help. But, the companies online are so varied and many fail to provide this, which is why the question arises: ‘Where can I find an exceptional dissertation writing service’?

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Dissertations are complex academic papers that require advanced research and writing skills, used through sequential stages. In order to craft this type of paper, you need to dedicate a lengthy period of time, which is the biggest reason why students choose to order their papers from our company.

Aside from this, you may feel anxious and stressed over such projects because of their importance and complexity. If you feel like you cannot write your dissertation for any reason, you can always seek outside assistance from the expert dissertation writers at PaperWritingPro.com.

Why Choose Our Dissertation Service?

The majority of writing companies do offer dissertations, but cannot fulfill your requirements and create a paper worthy a high grade. Unless a company has a team of highly experienced and trained writers, they will not be able to produce what you need.

It is exactly for this reason that you need us. No matter what your academic level or dissertation topic is, PaperWritingPro.com is one of the very few writing companies that will write the perfect dissertation for every customer.

Our writers are highly qualified and possess MA or Ph.D. degrees in a particular field, which means that they have all completed their own dissertation with high success. Additionally, we hire only experts with years of experience in crafting such papers and allow our customers to order as little or as much help as they need.

With our service, you can order your entire dissertation or only a few chapters of it. The choice is yours.

We can help you with the following dissertation parts:

Research question

If you have a topic in mind, but still must determine a specific area for your research, we will craft a question that your tutor will approve. In order to do this, our writers do some initial research in the chosen topic area.

Methodology section

The methodology section of a dissertation is the most often requested chapter in our company. When students need to design methods for their research, they turn to us for help. We can help you with the design of instruments, justification of the methodology and the best ways to present the data.

Literature review

This part is usually handled after your entire dissertation is done. Considering that it shows the relation of your paper with the research question, you need to make sure that the literature review is comprehensive and full. We can help you with a list of research sources to review, craft the entire literature review section or even review a research of your choice.


Even though this is the first part of your research, it is something you should write last. After all your research is organized and written and you have formulated the conclusion, you can send the dissertation to our experts and let them do their magic. We will introduce the topic and research question, justify them in relation to your field and provide you with a summary of the research.

Result section

The results section comprises of organized content where you report the data and findings of your project. You should use both prose explanations and charts, after which you must analyze the data. This is usually done with the use of statistical workups.

Students often struggle with this section, which is why they turn to us and pay for this part of their dissertation. If you do this, we will make sure to demonstrate the significance of your research in the best possible way.


The discussion serves to provide an answer to the research question. If you do not have the skills or time to synthesize and draw the conclusion, this is something we can do for you.

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How to Write a Great Thesis Statement

The most important part of your dissertation is the thesis statement. It’s the central argument of your dissertation and presents your argument, that is well-researched and backed up with evidence. This is when you’re going to give your reader an idea of what you’re talking about and why. Here’s what a great thesis statement contains.

  1. State the Argument

A thesis statement is more than just stating facts. It’s stating your argument and telling the reader why your argument is true. It’s going to persuade the reader that your argument is true, instead of simply stating what it is.

  1. Determine the Focus

With your thesis statement, you want to focus on a certain aspect of your dissertation. It can, for example, be something that allows you to say something new about the topic, e.g. introduce a completely new concept. It’s key to narrow down your area of interest and focus on one single aspect so that your thesis statement is powerful.

  1. Find a Pattern

When you’ve found the main focus, you have to find a pattern. Analyse your evidence in order to find a pattern and form a powerful argument.

  1. Write and Refine

There are several ways to formulate a thesis statement. It can be an assertive answer to the question posed, providing the argument and answer. It needs to clear, concise and straight to the point. After you’ve written your thesis statement, you can always go back, reread your entire dissertation and refine your thesis statement until it becomes as interesting and impactful as you want it to be.

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