Types of Research Papers

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Do people really care about the types of research papers, the types of research articles and the types of research questions? Well, people may not be holding parades for them, but they are certainly useful if you wish to examine an issue and you need the right tools. Lots of vacuous famous people have given quotes about how you should ask the right questions if you want the right answer, and in this case, you should use the right types of research questions if you want the right answers.

The Most Prominent Types of Research Papers

Contrary to your first instinct, the most prominent types of research papers are actually dissertations and thesis papers. These are often structured as quests for knowledge or understanding, and they often include far more research than the types of research papers your professors are setting for you in classes.

Types of research papers

Reports and Investigative Types of Research Papers

These types of research articles are set to encourage students to gain an understanding through investigation. Sadly, this usually involves a lot of reading and nothing more, but the aim is to start with a research question and come to a conclusion on the research question. The conclusion doesn’t always have to be an answer, especially since most questions do not have an answer. On the other hand, it is sometimes okay to conclude with a theory that seems sound, even if it cannot be proven. For example, the Big Bang theory is pretty whacky, and cannot be proven, but it is the best answer we have so far, so researchers concluded their papers with it.

Compare and Contrast Types of Research Articles

As the name suggests, you take two or more sides of a research question and you have them fight it out within the realms of your paper. You compare points, you contrast points, and you see if it yields a result in terms of the type of research questions you present. Again, you may conclude without giving an answer, but the hope is that you may help eliminate some answers or may shed new light on an issue through a comparing and contrasting exercise. If you have some problems with it, you can try to use professional research paper writing help.

Argumentative Type of Research Questions

These types of research questions are often set to encourage students to examine and research a question while looking at the other side of the coin. We all seem to have a natural leaning towards confirmation bias. Setting argumentative types of research questions are meant to help students look at the other side of an argument. It helps them attack their own arguments, and the weaker their attacks are, then the lower they score when they hand their research papers in. Obviously, you cannot set every research paper as an argumentative one, but if students are taught to get into the habit of questioning their own research and their own answers, then they may produce better research papers in the future.

The Hardest Types of Research Articles

There is no type of research question or research paper that is particularly more difficult or less difficult than any other. What makes a difference is how much you know, and how much readily-available research material there is out there. Part of the problem is the research questions that students pick. They tend to pick exciting questions or questions that they think are original and new, but the problem is that research around those sorts of subjects is usually very limited. They soon find themselves scraping the bottom of the barrel trying to find sources they can quote.

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Analytical Papers, Definition Papers, Cause and Effect Papers, and Interpretive Papers

Few people would call these types of paper your typical research paper, but they do pop up from time-to-time. The reason professors set them is to teach you something while you research your paper. As with the argumentative paper that was mentioned earlier, the point is often to change and alter the way you write and research your research paper. For example, a professor may hope you take a more analytical approach if you write your research paper as a cause and effect paper.

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