What is a dissertation definition?

What is a dissertation definition

The most common dissertation definition is the one given to you by your professor when you are asked to complete a dissertation in college or university. When people think of essays, they think of short works of around 3000 words that offer details on a subject, and the subject has usually been researched using books, journals, and online material. A dissertation is an expanded essay where the research is more in depth, and the explanation of a subject is more comprehensive.

A Suitable Dissertation Definition

A Suitable Dissertation Definition

If you ask a college or university professor, then they will say that a dissertation is an essay that is 12,000 words or longer. They use word count to define a dissertation because they have expectations about the content. For example, when a professor sets a piece of work, they expect a certain level of research, a certain level or formatting, of useful content, or detail and so forth. However, in its strictest terms, a dissertation definition doesn’t just include a word count. After all, an essay on the number of beans in a crate isn’t automatically a dissertation just because it has 12,000 words, just like a document with the word “Hello” 12,000 times isn’t a dissertation. Also, best dissertation help You can get at Paper Writing Pro.

Dissertation Definition and Suitable Sources

A common question is, “Is a dissertation still a dissertation if it only has one source?” Many people give a definition of the dissertation as a piece of highly researched work, which strongly implies that many research sources have been used, but is this always the case?

In many academic circumstances, a dissertation with just one source is going to fail (aka get a very low score). However, in the academic world, there are dissertations that only contain a single source. For example, there have been dissertations on the recounts of the Arabic slaughter of Christians that were told from mouths of single survivors. Dissertations were written based on single-person reports because in many cases only a single person survived.

Other dissertations have been written with a single source, such as dissertations on books of poetry. However, dissertations on books will often have numerous sources. Even though the book itself is a single source, there are often comparisons made with other books, and students often use sources to justify their interpretations of the book.

Definition of Dissertation and The Difference Between an Essay

Remember that your professor will tell you that the difference between an essay and a dissertation is the size, but this is not always the case. The word count doesn’t define the dissertation, it is the amount of depth and comprehensive coverage that defines a dissertation. Dissertations are large not because they “Have” to be, but because a lot of ground has to be covered, which “Requires” a lot of words.

For example, there are essays that are over 12,000 words, but they are not defined as dissertations. For example, if you wrote a research paper on the fermentation of cheese, and you decided to recount what happened every day over the course of two years, then your research paper would probably be tens of thousands of words long, but that wouldn’t make it a dissertation!

Dissertations Are Used to Get A Degree

In many cases, a student gets a degree through completing coursework and exams. A large part of the coursework will often include a dissertation. The dissertation a student writes will usually take months and is supposed to be a representation of all what the student has learned and/or is supposed to show how the student is now a learned and qualified person.

In crude terms, it is like teaching a student how to build a car, and then asking that the student spends a month building a car to prove she/he can do it. You do not have to add what you have learned over the years into your dissertation, after all, your dissertation is not meant to act as a large notebook, but you may need to include the principles and concepts you have learned. For example, if you are taking a psychology course and you have learned many different ways to gain information from people and learned many ways to interpret information from people, then those concepts and those techniques may come in handy when writing your dissertation. And, on a similar note, if you were to use those concepts and ideas while writing your dissertation, then you will probably get a higher score for your dissertation as a whole.

The Trickier Side to a Dissertation Definition

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